Special announcement about the 17th Ruby Run, due to be held on Sunday 14th June 2020. See below.

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To all Ruby Run supporters

Extract from MadeWell website

COVID 19 virus

On behalf of the Ruby Run Team, I would like to thank everyone who has already entered for this year’s run and those who are about to.

There has been a lot of uncertainty concerning the recent crisis and how long it will last. It is now clear, however, that:

  • the medical situation is going to last for many months, certainly past the date for the Ruby Run in June, which is now 12 weeks away, and
  •  within the period when control measures will be in place.

For these reasons, it is now appropriate to cancel this year’s event and wait until next year to hold one.

To those who have entered, we hope that you will agree to our holding your booking over until next year’s race. If you would prefer a refund, please let us know via the Ruby Run website.

President, Rotary Club of Hatherleigh



The Ruby Run last year was on Sunday 9th June 2019. We ran from Holsworthy to Hatherleigh. 

Hatherleigh Rotary Club organised the event.

The overall winner of the race was Paul Piper, representing a London running club. Congratulations to him and to all those who took part. and we warmly welcome other visitors from non-local clubs to join us next year. They will certainly be challenged by our local club members and individuals!  

  We would also like to thank Rodney "Paparazzi" Parrish for taking the photos and for allowing us to display them; and a big thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers who made the 2019 Ruby Run such a success.

A sincere thanks to  Made-Well CIC , our main sponsor for this event. Click on the image above to view their leaflet for further information.

Please read on for details of the 2020 event.

2020. This year's Ruby Run will not take place on the 14 June 2020. See announcement above.

The Run and Walk was due to be from Hatherleigh to Holsworthy..

We shall continue doing our best to improve on our own performance next year and we hope to attract more runners and walkers, both local and from elsewhere.

To make the event a success, we need plenty of help from non-Rotary volunteers. This help includes stewards, marshals, timekeepers and others. If you would like to help us, please let us know as soon as possible. 

We look forward to your support during 2021, so that we can continue to help local causes and charities. During 2019/20, those we were able to help included:

Holsworthy Youth Club, Calvert Trust (disabled children), Bradford school, Hatherleigh Football Club, Hatherleigh Cricket Club, Polio Plus, Devon Aid Korogwe.

Follow us on our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/RubyRunHalfMarathon/

See also our website: https://www.rotary-ribi.org/clubs/homepage.php?ClubID=1800

The Rotary Club of Hatherleigh

                             See "Ruby Country" page of this site for details of the Ruby Country                                         Photographic competition 2020, which is to go ahead.