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To all Ruby Run supporters

Extract from MadeWell website

                                                                   RUBY RUN 2022




Although we are now emerging from the difficulties of the last two years, there is still uncertainty over holding large events and a lack of preparation on the part of organisers.

Our club now has an ageing and reduced membership, which means that we need a committed partner organisation to help us in the organisation and staging of the Ruby Run. So far, we have not been successful in finding one, but the search goes on.

Following a club discussion, we have decided that it would be sensible to suspend the run for 2022, continuing our quest for a partner, hopefully resulting in our bringing back the run for 2023.

We are still holding some entry fees that were paid in 2020. Anyone who would like their fee refunded should contact us by email as below. If we don’t hear from you, we shall continue to hold your payment:



The Rotary Club of Hatherleigh


The last Ruby Run was on Sunday 9th June 2019. We ran from Holsworthy to Hatherleigh. 

Hatherleigh Rotary Club organised the event.

The overall winner of the race was Paul Piper, representing a London running club. Congratulations to him and to all those who took part. and we warmly welcome other visitors from non-local clubs to join us next year. They will certainly be challenged by our local club members and individuals!  

  We would also like to thank Rodney "Paparazzi" Parrish for taking the photos and for allowing us to display them; and a big thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers who made the 2019 Ruby Run such a success.

A sincere thanks to  Made-Well CIC , our main sponsor for this event. Click on the image above to view their leaflet for further information.