Some useful information for your arrival on Race Day:

1. Hatherleigh can be found seven miles north of Okehampton on the A386. Limited Parking is available at the Community Centre or in the Town Car Park near the Co-op.

2. Registration will take place in Hatherleigh Community Centre from 8.00 am. Race numbers and luggage labels will be given to you when you register. No one will be accepted into the race without a race number. Basic changing facilities and Toilets will be available here.

3. Please tie the luggage label to your bag and deposit onto the luggage vehicle. It will get to the finish before you do!!

4. The race will start at 10.30am on the A3072, just beyond the roundabout. The gathering area will be in the space opposite the Northlew Road. Please do not congregate on the road until instructed to by the Race Director.

5. A vehicle will precede the race.

6. You will be running WITH the traffic throughout the race. All the road signs will be to this effect. Please do not run against the traffic at any time.

7. It is also advisable to run single file. We also recommend that competitors do not use earphones to ensure they can hear traffic at all times.

8. Marshals will be placed at various points on the course and specifically at the two points that you will need to cross junctions. You must do as instructed by the marshals at these points.

9. Water will be available at approx. 2-mile intervals and at the end of the race. Take water at every available opportunity. If you are thirsty, it is too late!

10. You will be given your T-shirt just after you have crossed the line in Holsworthy Square. Once you have finished, you will be directed to the Leisure Centre where showers will be available. Luggage bags can be collected from here. You will need your race number to collect any left luggage. The Leisure Centre will be the pick-up point for the return coach to Hatherleigh.

11. There is ample parking in Holsworthy and the finish is only a short walk from all of these.

12. The awards ceremony will be at 1.00 pm in Holsworthy Square. Prizes are awarded to the first 3 Males and Females, and to the 1st Male and Female Ruby Country Local Runners and Age Category Winners.

13. FIRST AID: This will be provided by a suitably fitted vehicle and a qualified medical practitioner, who will be in attendance during the race. If you have a medical condition, please write this on the reverse of your number and make this known at registration. Please do not run if you feel unwell!

14. Results will be posted on the Ruby Run web site, .

15. Sponsor money should be sent to Rotary Club of Hatherleigh. Contact us at:


The event incorporates walkers as well, so please be cautious when overtaking them.
Walkers are requested to start by 9.30, if they wish to take advantage of the course marshals.


Relay Team Instructions:
1. Each team will comprise of 6 runners. Each runner will run a 2 mile leg, with the last runner running from the 10 mile mark to the end. Teams MUST preregister.

2. Team members must be over the age of 13 years old. This relay is run on roads that are not closed to traffic and clubs/teams should make all of it’s runners (of all ages) aware of the dangers of this. Adults running with younger team members is fully acceptable to the race organisers.

3. The start runner will start 15 minutes after the main race. The rest of the team will need to be placed on each relay take-over point in good time for the projected handover time.

4. It is the teams responsibility to drop-off and collect it’s runners. DO NOT PARK AT THE RELAY HANDOVER POINTS, AS THIS WILL CAUSE A RISK TO BOTH RUNNERS AND TRAFFIC.

5. Each member of the team will hand over to their next runner by handing over a batton.

6. Many of the relays handover points are not exactly at 2 mile intervals for health and safety reasons. Please look for the handover signs, not the mile markers. There will be a marshall at each handover point.

7. Whilst your are waiting for your team mate to arrive, and when you have finished your leg and are awaiting collection, please wait on the verge, well away from the road.

8. There will be a minibus following the main race picking up the injured, etc. 

9. When you are picking up runners, please be mindful of traffic and runners ahead of and behind you


COACH TIMES: From Holsworthy Manor Car Park(Town Car Park) to Start: 8.30 am approx (subject to traffic and other conditions). From Holsworthy Leisure Centre back to Hatherleigh: 1.30pm approx.


We hope you all have an injury-free and enjoyable run!